If you are in the market for a new web hosting provider, youve probably seen a lot of advertising literature. Adverts claiming that X company is the best, for X reasons, and for X amazing price. Everyone is out to impress and to snare your business, and theyll say anything to catch your eye. Thats why the word unlimited is so over-used when it comes to web hosting companies advertising literature.

HostingThe promise is usually something along the lines of unlimited space or perhaps unlimited bandwidth. And you immediately think: wow! Thats a good deal! Im going to get server space, a web host and everything I need and I dont need to worry about my site becoming too big, because my space and bandwidth is unlimited! So thats the company you sign up for.

Well, it pains us to burst your bubble, but theres no such thing as unlimited web space.
When these companies advertise unlimited space, they are relying on their consumers to only use a small amount of space. Even with limited web hosting plans, few consumers ever use more than 75% of the space provided so a web host company knows that they can offer unlimited service because its unlikely they will ever be required to supply unlimited web space.

In reality, they have just the same server storage capabilities as anyone, and they are limited it just so happens their limits are wide, and they can afford to entice people with an unlimited offer. The moral here is do not be fooled by the offer of unlimited space; only ever buy the amount of web space you need, because youll probably find you dont even need that much.