To help you sort through the many layers of Facebook marketing, there are 9 core Facebook marketing rules to consider as you create your Page.

#1: Give It a Human Touch

Highlight the team behind your Facebook Page.

CoreYour fans don’t want to connect with your brand or logo . . . they want to talk to YOU
First names always
Brands that allow their Page admins to have real conversations with their fans are much more likely to have active, engaging Pages

#2: Create Fresh Content

Content = video, stats, quotes, audio, pictures, thoughts, questions
Your content should educate, entertain, and/or empower
Publish your best stuff

#3: Cultivate Engagement with 2-Way Dialogue

Engagement is about getting your fans to take action
Get fans to post on your Page, comment on your posts, click the Like button next to your posts and share your content
Engagement is about showing up daily and taking an interest in your fans likes, interests, and opinions
Three No-Fail FB Question Strategies

Make It Fun: What was the last movie you saw? Two thumbs up or a waste of time?
Let them promote themselves: Do you have a Facebook Page? Post your link below to share with the group!
Keep it easy: One-word answers generate more engagement.

#4: Create Enticing Calls To Action Consistently

Give them a reason to take action
Discounts or specials are a great way to reward your clients
“Hey, I really appreciate you being a fan. Thanks for coming on over. I want to do something special for you now.”

#5: Make Word of Mouth Advocacy Easy

Customers trust their friends and other customers more than they trust a brand
It’s human nature to gravitate toward the person you have a relationship with
Fans love to talk about themselves give them that chance!

#6: Encourage Fan-to-Fan Conversations

Enhance your fans’ experience by creating a community that encourages peer-to-peer communication among your fans
Showcase your fans
Recognize your top contributors

#7: Focus on Smart Branding

FB = Mini-site of your own Web site
Create a bridge from Facebook to your website
Spark familiarity with your brand but ALSO add content that is exclusive only to your Facebook Fans
Give them a reason to come back for more!Core2

#8: Be Deliberate and Manage Fan Expectations

Decide why you want to have a presence on FB
Often, your vision for Facebook will be aligned with your overall company vision
When you know your vision, you can better communicate with your ideal audience You’ll have a clear direction

#9: Monitor, Measure & Track Your Activity

Make sure you have surefire methods in place that enable you to consistently track your Facebook marketing progress.