Having close to 34 million customers, T-Mobile is currently one of the largest cell phone providers in the United States. This company has not only a wide range of the latest smartphones and contract deals, but also a number of tablets available at prices that really are astonishing. With Android and iPhone covered as well as wireless Internet for your laptop, T-Mobile are capable of providing you with absolutely everything that you need in order to have technology on the move.


To show how large this company is we only need to look at a few statistics. Their headquarters are based in Bellevue, Washington and they have in the region of 38,000 employees around the world and more than 130 million customers across a huge number of countries. The company itself admits that it focuses on not only trying to create the largest cell phone network on the planet, but making sure that they have all of the hottest phones and tablets in stock for their loyal customers and you only have to go to their site or walk into a store to see just how well this approach has worked. In short, whether it is the latest iPhone you are after, then they have it and the same goes for Samsung, Sony, LG, and every other manufacturer that produces a phone that is seen to be cool to own.

Do you want to know something that is now even better than them having the latest phones? The fact that if you join their network you will get full access to the latest 4G LTE network and this can be accessed in 273 different metropolitan areas spread across the US.

It all sounds impressive, and it is. However, do not just go and dive straight in and order your new smartphone and join their network without checking out T-Mobile deals and discount code that are on offer to save yourself some money in the process.


So we briefly mentioned that they love to have the latest absolute must have phones in stock and to be honest this deserves to be mentioned again as they really will blow your mind. It is not just the latest smartphones, but they also have the latest tablets in stock as well as a whole host of accessories and gadgets from headphones, to cases, to USB devices, and many more. The only problem is that there are so many items to choose from that you could end up spending a fortune personalizing your phone and tablet. With a T-Mobile promo code you can receive discounts on a selection of their best selling products.

T-Mobile have noticed that this could be an issue and that is partly why they have made sure that their phone plans are among the most affordable in the market. Take for example their Simple Choice Plan. With this, you get a full gigabyte of data on their 4G LTE network, unlimited texting around the world from the US, unlimited data and texting from 120 countries, and it only costs you $50 a month. Now that is superb value.

Nobody would blame you if you looked at their plans and felt that you wanted to change. However, most people then become worried about quitting their other contract and paying a penalty as a result, but T-Mobile have even got that covered. In short, they will pay any early termination fee for up to a maximum of five lines for you and they take it even further by giving $300 of trade in credit for devices and up to a maximum of $350 towards the fees of your final bill for each line. In other words, they will help you move over and of course you can also save yourself more money in the process by using one of the T-Mobile promo code and offers that are available throughout the year.


So, you want to join T-Mobile, but understandably want to get the best deal possible. Well, these 7 tips could go a long way to helping you.

1. Always trade in your old phone.
Moving to a new network, or plan, should always be accompanied by a new phone. In truth, your old phone can easily unlock more savings and to get an idea as to what T-Mobile could offer you for your old phone you need to head on over to their website and check out the trade-in section.

2. Always remember about rebates.
Rebates are wonderful and T-Mobile have made life so much easier for you thanks to the rebates section on their site. All you need to do is browse through their current offers and see which one best fits the plan and phone that you would like and then check out just how much money you have saved.

3. Get a plan to suit your needs.
This applies to everybody, but mainly those people that are not heavy users of their phone. If you hardly use it, then why should you pay a fortune for a large plan that you just do not use? In this instance, the T-Mobile Pay As You Go plan would certainly be the better option. With this, you only buy minutes and texts and to do so a month in advance. Alternatively, you might be interested in their plan variety where you are not restricted to a two year contract, but instead can pay on a month to month basis. This gives you flexibility as well as avoiding any cancellation fees should you wish to move in the future.

4. Get finance on your phone.
Some phones can cost a fortune, but T-Mobile have come up with a solution with a monthly finance plan that is of course subject to credit approval. If you are struggling with your budget, then this allows you to get the phone you want for a set price per month.

5. Always check out sale items.
There are always some sale items available on the T-Mobile website, so it makes sense to check them out before you go ahead and sign up to anything. You can see what is available from their deals page on their site and it is not only phones, but also accessories. However, do remember that they change on a regular basis, so if there is nothing there to grab your fancy do just check back again in the future as you never know what might pop up.

6. Getting a T-Mobile Coupon Code
Coupon codes are amazing. However, they are quite rare, but the savings that can be made are out of this world so if you find one, then use it.

7. Always look for free shipping.
If you are using the Internet rather than physically going to a store, then always look for free shipping to save yourself some extra money. They generally have it free for any phone or tablet and there is no minimum spend either, so why bother having the cost of going to a store when there is a free option available from your own home?


As you can see, T-Mobile really is a fantastic cell phone network to be a member of and of course you should always avoid paying full price if at all possible. That is where your T-Mobile coupon code comes into its own.

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To discover more offers and coupons specifically for T-Mobile check out our site on a regular basis for the latest savings.