New Digital Media, Inc. is the company I founded following the successful launch of Manifest Mastermind on January 7, 2009. The launch was achieved using social media marketing to build a list and develop relationships. This business was developed with only social media marketing tools and primarily Facebook and in the final months before launch Twitter was also used.

I knew the work that was required to build a social media marketing funnel since I did that work. I also knew there was an opportunity for creating a do it for you business and that was the idea behind New Digital Media, Inc.

MediaMy point in telling you this background is to establish I am experienced and successful using social media to build business profits. That is important if you are considering who is going to teach you and especially important to you since compensation will be based on the revenue your work generates. The right person will soon see that this compensation arrangement is very lucrative.

The Right Person

1. Coachable

2. Loyal

3. High Energy

4. Professional in person, on the phone and on line

5. Creative

6. Must have active accounts on Facebook, accounts on Linkedin and YouTube a bonus. Having an active blog is a major plus.

7. Understands and appreciates the importance of developing clients by adding value to their business.

8. Fun to work with

9. Location U.S. Tampa Bay given preference

10. I will bring on as many people as I feel comfortable training.

11. Major bonus for you you will be able to use all you learn and develop your own business. We only agree you will not compete with me. In fact I will help you develop your own business as I am an international consultant and coach to companies and business owners.

Next Steps

Media2Email me a letter or resume as to why you want this opportunity. Include links to your social media accounts, website or blog if you have them and any other information that you feel would help me appreciate your value. Time is of the essence and I want to have an expanded team in place early 2011.

Thank you and for considering this opportunity and I look forward to hearing from you.