Have you heard the buzz about Small Biz Success Summit 2012 – the web’s largest online social media marketing conference just for small businesses?

Do you want to grow your business in 2012 in a major way? Are you wondering how social media marketing can help you get there?

Imagine this: tons of raving fans who love your stuff and let their friends know. When that happens, youll get free exposure, more traffic, better leads and more sales.

And given this economy, who doesnt want more business?

SummitLet me guess Your small business doesnt have the budget—or the time—to market like the big guys.Thats whats great about social media—you dont need to spend big bucks! Facebook, blogging, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and beyond are the next frontier of marketing.

Why? You dont need to rely on costly middlemen! Instead, you leverage these free, super-powerful social tools to grow faster than you ever imagined.

Are you ready to take your business further into this new frontier? Want to know how?

Social Media Examiner is happy to announce Small Biz Success Summit 2012—an online event designed to help small business owners and marketers quickly achieve social media success.

Twenty-five of the most respected small business social media pros have come together to share their strategies.

Theyll reveal all the latest tips and proven small business-building tactics you need to know to immediately benefit from social media.

This event is exclusively taught by small business owners!

If you (like so many of us) are looking to choose your social media activities wisely—without getting consumed by all of the options—nows your chance to achieve social media success.

Summit2This fully online conference starts Wednesday, February 1 and runs through February 23. Its comfortably spread over four weeks to accommodate your schedule and is recorded so you can play back sessions when you want.

Theres no travel! You simply attend from the comfort of your home or office.

Act now and save 50%! Click to register.

Event Highlights
Secure your spot in the largest online professional development conference for small business owners and marketers seeking to master social media. By attending this online summit, you will:

Discover the best and newest ways to market your small business with Facebook, Google+, blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter and video marketing (no guesswork you benefit from the wisdom of those whove gone before you)
Learn how to create a smart social media marketing plan (discover how to draw masses of people to your small business)
Uncover how to sell your products and services via social media (youll learn how to turn fans and followers into customers)
Find out how to track and measure your social media return on investment (so youll know precisely whats working!)
See how successful social media campaigns were executed by other small businesses and how you can achieve similar results (play-by-play steps provided)
Learn how to creatively grow and engage a loyal social media following (gain raving fans who become your standard-bearers)
Eavesdrop on the closely guarded secrets of the industrys top experts (interact live with social media superstars such as John Jantsch, Michael Stelzner, Mari Smith, Jesse Stay, Hollis Thomases, Anita Campbell, Lewis Howes, David Siteman Garland, Brian Clark, Joe Pulizzi, Lee Odden and many other small business social media pros!)
Interact live with successful small business owners from business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies
Learn how to integrate social media activities with your other marketing efforts
Gain a leg up on your competitors, helping you stand out
Ask live questions and get answers (you speak live to the experts—no chat boxes)
Summit3Learn in your spare time and eliminate travel (you participate via the Internet in live sessions that are spread over multiple weeks—plus recordings and transcripts are provided!)
Network with your peers and share experiences via a private and exclusive LinkedIn group (more than 1600 people joined our private LinkedIn group at our summer summit)
Become part of a genuine community of business owners and marketers just like you
And much more!

WHO: This event is ideal for any small business owner or marketer trying to reach business-to-business OR business-to-consumer customers. More than 6,000 of small business owners and marketers attended our summits in 2011.

WHAT: This fully online summit will help you master social media marketing with extensive case studies and how-to sessions from actual small business owners, social media practitioners and book authors. Presentation topics include: developing a social media strategy, finding and engaging your target audience, selling with social media, measuring success, Facebook marketing, Google+ marketing, blogging techniques, LinkedIn marketing, Twitter marketing, video marketing and much more! A certificate of achievement will be presented to attendees who successfully complete the summit and pass an exam.

WHERE: At your home or office! You attend this live event using your computer (no long-distance bill or travel expenses!).

WHEN: Starting February 1, 2012 (spread over four weeks to improve learning and accommodate your schedule; scroll down for the full schedule). Plus youll get recordings and transcripts of all the live sessions.

WHY: Youll be able to quickly implement effective small business social media marketing techniques, attract great customers and prospects, and gain a unique competitive advantage. Youll also discover how to best measure the effectiveness of your social media activities and the newest social media tactics. This event will ensure your small business is achieving the full potential of your social media efforts.

HOW: Registration is limited. NOTE: Our last summit sold out. Scroll down for the event costs. Click here to save 50% (lock in your early-bird savings before theyre gone!) and secure your spot.

This new summit is all about small business. Its focus is to empower you to implement successful social media tactics, track and measure your social media activities, and see how successful social media campaigns were executed.

Twenty-five of the world’s leading small business social media pros will be summit instructors–and all of them are small business owners.

Presenters include:

John Jantsch (author, Duct Tape Marketing)
Anita Campbell (founder, Small Business Trends)
Michael Stelzner (founder, Social Media Examiner and author, Launch)
Mari Smith (co-author, Facebook Marketing), Jesse Stay (author, Google+ for Dummies)
Hollis Thomases (author, Twitter Marketing)
David Siteman Garland (founder, The Rise to the Top and author, Faster, Smarter, Cheaper)
Joe Pulizzi (founder, Content Marketing Institute and co-author, Get Content, Get Customers)
Brian Clark (founder, Copyblogger Media)
Lee Odden (founder, TopRank Online Marketing)
Ramon Ray (founder, Small Biz Technology and author, Technology Solutions for Growing Businesses)
Lewis Howes (co-author, LinkedWorking and LinkedInfluence)
Just to mention a few..
This is the world’s largest online small business social media event designed to empower you with actionable social media tips, techniques and strategy. And the great news is it’s a live online conference you can attend from your home or office.

Full Agenda
Click here to view / print flyer with FULL AGENDA.

Proof That Social Media Means Business
Youre familiar with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. But do you know the impact social media is having on businesses?

Just consider these interesting factoids:

Mass consumer adoption of social media: There are more than 800 million active Facebook users, 80% of all Americans use a social network and Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other U.S. website (Nielson). Your customers are there. These are numbers you just cannot ignore.
Small businesses see big results with social media: A significant 61% percent of small businesses are landing new customers through social media activities (Crowdspring). Plus, more than 70% of small businesses using social media see increased traffic and more than 60% improve search rankings (2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report).
Smaller businesses find social media costs very low: Nearly 60% of small- and mid-sized businesses spend less than $100 to market via social media (Marketing in a Digital World, Zoomerang).
And these recent statistics are just a small sampling of the power of social media.

So the big question is this: What do experienced small business owners and marketers know and do with social media that makes them so successful?

If you knew that—if you knew step-by-step how the pros create and execute their social media plans to attract high-quality customers and achieve success—you could simply duplicate what they do and achieve similar results.

Thats what the Small Biz Success Summit 2012 is all about. Weve brought together the most successful small business social media practitioners and asked them to reveal their success secrets to YOU. And its all live!

And the best part? You dont have to spend a small fortune on travel, meals or a hotel to attend. The conference is completely online. You attend from the comfort of your own home or office, using your computer to watch, listen and participate in the presentations and networking.

Summit5However, like any conference, theres a limit to how many people can fit in the room. So if youre interested in connecting with valuable customers and prospects, turbo-boosting your lead generation, enhancing your image in your industry and improving sales, secure your spot at this conference today.

How It Works
Studies frequently show people who attend such professional development events are more successful, reach their business goals faster, enjoy their work more, build better relationships, and earn a higher income!

Heres how this event works:

1. Though this summit will take place online, it will be a live event.

The instructors will be presenting their sessions live in real time, right on your computer screen. You can listen and watch their presentations, and speak directly to the experts, asking questions and getting instant answers.

When you register, youll be given a link and access information for each session. When the date and time arrive, you simply pull up your web browser, go to a web page, type in your log-in information and, voilà, youre there. Its the virtual equivalent of walking into a room at a live conference and sitting down!

2. You can interact live with the presenters.

That means you can actually speak with the social media pros.

During each session, youll hear and see the sessions (so be sure to turn on your computer speakers!). The virtual room also offers interactive capabilities beyond whats possible at live conferences. You can participate in instant polls and download presentation slide decks to print out for note-taking.

Just like regular conferences, sessions last an hour, and will offer an opportunity for live questions and answers.

If you want to ask a presenter a question, well provide a toll-free number you can dial. A live operator brings you on the line (like a radio talk show) and you speak directly to the experts!

During live sessions, you can dial a toll-free number and speak live with presenters.

We also provide a private LinkedIn group where you can interact with presenters and fellow attendees. You also get a downloadable video recording of each session with transcripts!

Session recordings can be streamed online using a computer, iPhone, iPad or other HTML-5 enabled mobile device—or downloaded to your desktop for playback.

3. Of course, networking is a big part of this event.

This summit will have active private LinkedIn groups for discussion and networking.

Many people who attend our professional development summits report the relationships they establish with fellow attendees are priceless… relationships that often continue to be a source of advice and support for years to come.

Between sessions, you can network with other summit attendees on the exclusive Small Biz Success Summit 2012 LinkedIn group—available ONLY to event registrants (at one of our prior events, more than 1600 people networked in our private group).

You also get access to Twitter-based chat rooms where you can interact live with your peers.

4. Designed to fit your busy schedule!

This event was designed by small business owners for small business owners. That means we built it to accommodate your busy schedule. Weve spread the summit out over 4 weeks, with multiple sessions each week.

You dont have to stop working to attend (AND you can begin applying what youll discover immediately). The video recordings from each session are provided, and transcripts are included for further study.

Each live session is available for playback and downloading the same day, at no added charge.

Well provide a certificate of achievement for attendees who successfully complete the summit and pass an examination.

Common Questions Answered
I cant attend all the live sessions. Will I get a recording?

Yes. For each session, well provide a recording you can watch online or download to your desktop, so you wont miss a thing. If you have other commitments (like running your business) or if a session occurs at an inconvenient time, no need to worry. Even if you attend a live session, youll still get the recording. Youll get access to recordings for 12 months from the day you purchase your ticket.