Pinterest is the fastest growing website on the internet ever!

You cant afford not to get in on the hottest thing since sliced bread.

Pinterruption is a fully online course that will teach you how to make the most of it.

You’re Missing Out On A TON Of Leads From Pinterest.

And that reason alone would be a great incentive to learn more about some creative ways to strategize and use Pinterest correctly.

But you’re smart, and maybe a little skeptical. How can a social media site based on images alone help you get more leads!?

Pinterest has incredibly engaged users
Pinterest’s users are 9/10 connected by Facebook
Pinterest’s users are 97% women – a HUGE target market for business these days
PinterestPeople on Pinterest DON’T have to connect with individuals in order to follow what they’re interested in, making the site ALL ABOUT CONTENT and less about building specific relationships.
Online Training Course
Pinterest could take you a while to figure out, or.. it could take nothing more than a brief Pinterruption!

Pinterruption has been designed to be comprehensive, easy to use, AND immediately useful.

When you put this training into place in your business..

You will know how to integrate all of your social media networks into Pinterest, so that when you post, it aggregates and all flows together without extra work
You’ll learn to use Pinterest for market research and really clarify what your customers want, so that you can adjust your products and services accordingly
You’ll be able to turn Pinterest into a free SEO machine for your business, so that you can get really targeted traffic knocking down your virtual website door
Pinterest2You’ll build a pinning strategy to make use of every minute you spend on Pinterest, so that you can make the most of this new tool in half the timeYou’ll be able to make your business blog, pinworthy – making sure every image is ready to show up on Pinterest, so that readers can pin your content right away
You will learn how to share your boards with others that encourages them to market your biz for you, essentially creating an enthusiastic sales force behind the scenes
Most importantly, you will generate the sales, leads and publicity that your business NEEDS from Pinterest!
I’d like you to stop and think about this for just a moment.

Pinterruption is a training course that is delivered all at once so you can go at your own pace. You want to get through it in a weekend? You can! You want to take your time and learn the content over a few weeks? That’s fine too!

You have unlimited access to the online forum so there is always support to help you through your Pinterest journey!

Course Description
Module 1: Strategy in Pinning

In these videos, you’ll learn how to:

Build an action plan that gets the most result for your time (this alone is worth the price of admission!)
Pin for your audience (know what they are looking for before THEY do!!)
Bonus PDFs: Content Ideas and Where to Find Good Content – a FULLY researched resource with over 100 ideas!
Module 2: Optimize Your Account for your BADASS Biz!

In these videos, you’ll learn how to:

Literally OOZE your Brand using images (and understand why this is absolutely essential for your business!)
Integrate your social media into your Profile and Boards (this is so easy but so many people don’t do it!)
Create a pinworthy blog and website! (This is a two way street – make sure all avenues point to you!)
Integrate Pinterest with your current website and/or Facebook
Module 3: Attracting your Target Audience!

In these videos, you’ll learn how to:

Create SEO friendly boards, description and profile (It’s FREE – so let’s attract some traffic!)
Conduct market research (yes, you can actually SEE what your peeps want and what they think!)
Get targeted followers (it’s great to have friends follow you but let’s find some leads!!)
Attract a slew of followers using a variety of strategies
Module 4: Advanced Pinning (not for the faint of heart)

In these videos, you’ll learn how to:

SHARE Your Boards with Others (and get repinned over and over!)
How to conduct contests that grow your email list (why didn’t you think of this?!)
How to customize your Pinterest content for one or two VIP clients (they’ll remember this helpful gesture and sing your praises!)
Use Pinterest for recommendations and testimonials
Plus, special bonuses!

Online forum with access to both your instructors, plus invaluable support from your fellow classmates

Pinterest4Special Google Analytics video tutorial
Ongoing updates so you know everything going on with Pinterest
FREE membership and access to the class – for life!
Inside PinterruptionOnce you have logged into Pinterruption, you will have instant access to all the Modules (and associated training videos) and Bonus Content from the dashboard.

If you want to learn about how Pinterest can benefit your business and the strategies you can employ to funnel more traffic to your site and increase sale.. then I would recommend this fully online training course Pinterruption.