I have known that what I am doing for my own sites and blogs is not optimal. Like many people I do a great job of advising others and not so great a job of being an example of all that I help my consulting and coaching clients with.

ToolOpt in pages have been a particular sore topic for me because I knew my opt-in invitations were not good. So when I read an email about Landing Page Robot I thought well here it is again, another promise with very little performance.

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I was wrong!

While I was looking for a solution for an improved opt-in page (landing page, squeeze page) what I found was part of the foundation for a solid social media marketing funnel.

What Is A Marketing Funnel?

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1. Finding people in you target audience that are interested in the products and services you offer. This is call relevant traffic to your information.

2. Offering a valuable reason for them to join your list which gives you an opportunity to develop a relationship with them.

3. Strengthen the relationship with valuable content and communication.

4. Done right, your network will want more of what you can do for them and pay you for it.

Do I think Landing Page Robot is worth your time and money? Yes!!

Do I offer a fast solution for using this tool and developing your marketing funnel? Yes, all new clients of New Digital Media, will receive a Landing Page Robot fueled site that includes their blog, landing page, marketing page and more.

Tool2Email Me Now with your complete contact information, summary of your business, current website(s) if you are online and if you have Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube accounts. If you do not hear back from me or one of my team members in 48 hours, please call me at 727-587-7871. Remember New Digital Media offers a complete do it for your social media marketing solution integrated with internet marketing.