In a very eye-opening article recently posted on the site SEOMoz brought to light the fact that Google search results are now being directly impacted by the social connections of the person doing the searching. As the author of the piece astutely posints out, This should be giving everyone in search marketing a huge ah ha moment.

“Building Social Media Networks That Build Revenue and Profits”

socialNew Digital Media, Inc. NDMI is a privately held corporation that specializes in building your social media network for the purpose of driving targeted prospective customers to your business.

For the past nearly two years, we have been building and testing the effectiveness of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, My Space and others with one primary goal:

Goal: Traffic and Conversion

This is the timeless business revenue building success formula.

Step 1: identify and discover what works in attracting targeted prospective customers to your offer.

Step 2: convert the targeted traffic to buying your offer.

New Digital Media, Inc. has discovered efficient and effective techniques that allows us now to offer the work required for Step 1 to those who quite frankly have better uses of their time.

social2We recognize certain companies will need assistance with Step 2 which is the processes of converting targeted traffic to customers who spend money. This work is offered by our related business International Resources,