How many emails do you send per day?

Probably too many, like the rest of us. And how many emails have you seen with over-sized and unattractive email signatures that doing everything except get you to click on them?

Well, those days are over.

businessWiseStamp gives the average business owner, blogger, or online marketer the chance to have an attractive and high-performing email signature that not only catches the reader’s eye but also keeps everyone up to date on the company’s latest social updates.

WiseStamp integrates with all major Webmail services: Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, and supports Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, Flock and Safari.

With WiseStamp, you can insert a quick link and/or icon to all of your social media hot-spots, embed your own rss feed, include your latest tweets, and the list goes on.

Completely customise your email signature with fonts, text sizes, colors, links, images, and icons in order to create the perfect closing to every email you send out.
Having a special sale? Edit your signature with a few clicks of the mouse and let everyone know about it. Free advertising.WiseStamp also has a great installation guide in case you get a little lost, but I doubt that’s going to happen because this plugin is super easy to use and install.

WiseStamp Features List

WiseStamp includes many exciting and improved fetchers for your email such as:

Customize your Email signature

  • design style
  • font
  • size
  • colour
  • images

Add Email Apps with updating dynamic content

  • automatically share your latest blog posts
  • tweets
  • Facebook status
  • Ebay items and more

Easily include your social services and profiles

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • IM Services
  • LinkedIn, and many more

Use multiple signatures

  • Create business & personal signatures to insert in your emails