Recently I have started using E-junkie to sell my own eBooks and even setup an affiliate section whereby others can earn 50% commission by referring customers my way.

Until I moved forward with this, I didnt realise how easy it is to setup an online store using E-junkie.

You can use E-Junkie to sell all sorts of things like,

posters and books
CDs and DVDs
stock photos, fonts and graphics
discount coupons
event tickets
and anything else you can imagine!
This guide will show you how you can get started selling products using E-Junkie.

junkieRegistering to Sell Your Products
E-junkie is an online product delivery system that can greatly simplify a lot of the steps needed to run an online store. You can use E-junkie to sell both physical and digital products; though many of its real strengths come into play particularly with digital products.

Let’s take a walkthrough of E-junkie’s top features, as well as the account setup process.

Use E-Junkie to Create Purchase Buttons

At its core, E-junkie is a payment processing system. One of its main features is allowing you to create buy now buttons very easily.

You don’t need to go through a complicated setup procedure. You don’t need to deal with merchant accounts. You don’t need to get a Federal Tax ID number, you don’t need to register a business. E-junkie will process all your payments for you.

You do need either a PayPal account, a 2CheckOut account, a Google Checkout account or a Clickbank account however.

Secure, Expiring Download Links

Having static download links is extremely dangerous if you’re sending a digital product. If you’re selling an eBook for example, there’s nothing preventing people from posting the download link on a forum or email it to their friends, costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

E-junkie’s expiring download links feature prevents this. Every time someone makes a purchase, they’re immediately taken to a download page and sent an email. The download link they get is only valid for a few hours. A few hours after they’ve downloaded the product, the link will automatically disable itself, preventing any unauthorized downloads.

Easily Identify Any Product Leaks

If you should find your product posted on a torrent website, on a message board or shared in any other unauthorized manner, you can quickly track it down using E-junkie’s system.

E-junkie has the ability to stamp every PDF download with a unique identifier. If you should find that download anywhere else on the internet, you can easily track it down back to its original purchaser and forward their details to the authorities.

Affiliate Program Management

junkie2Another powerful feature of E-junkie is its affiliate management software. E-junkie can track an unlimited number of affiliate sales, attributing each sale back to their accounts. You can create affiliate links that go directly to the payment page, or buttons that link to your site or sales page.

Auto responders and Follow Up Systems

E-junkie also has the ability to follow up with buyers. You can send product updates, follow-up and cross sells to any specific buyer group, or all your past buyers.

Tracking and Analytics

Tracking is one of the most important components of ensuring that you have a positive return on investment, especially if you’re paying for traffic.

E-junkie automatically integrates with Google Analytics, giving you important statistics like page views, bounce rate and visitor return rate.

In addition, E-junkie will also integrate with the tracking systems of a number of PPC platforms, including but not limited to Google AdWords, Bing and AdBrite.

E-Junkie Pricing Plans

junkie5The amount you pay to use E-junkie depends primarily on the amount of storage space you need to use to store your files, as well as whether you want to self-host your downloads. Naturally, the less space you use, the less you have to pay.

The pricing plans are as follows. These prices are valid at the time of this writing (September 2011) but subject to change. See E-junkie’s website for the most up to date prices.