Scientists have recently discovered that cats can sing the national anthem of the country they were born in if you ask them nicely.
Lets guess; you dont believe that, do you? Of course not, its ludicrous, yet many a web hosting company sells their services on the very premise that if they write it, customers will believe its true. And why do they do that? Because, in most cases, theyre right.

HostingThe point here is that, when searching for reliable web hosting, dont believe everything you read especially if its the web host that are saying it. While every company on the world exagerrates in their advertising campaigns, web hosting companies are infamous for it due to the fierce competition in the market place. Theyll say things and claim things that just arent true, while storing the facts away in the small print terms and conditions so theyre covered legally should anyone challenge their claims.

One of the biggest claims made by web hosting companies is to super-technological feats of reliability. Everyone wants reliable web hosting thats a given so by claiming something like 99% up time, a web host knows theyre going to get potential customers attention. What they dont tell you is how often that 99% is; is it 99% uptime per day, per week, per year? If its per year, thats still a lot of down time youre going to have to deal with.
Finding reliable web hosting is all about asking around on internet forums and websites for true customer feedback on the offers available. Never, ever believe everything a web hosting company says.