Half2Time and again, janta defies everything movie reviews and critics say about a particular film. It is the same case with today’s film release, Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor’s Half Girlfriend. Here’s what the audience has to say after the first day, first show of the film based on Chetan Bhagat’s book.

“I literally cried in Half Girlfriend, the music was so touching. I loved the chemistry between Shraddha and Arjun. They looked very cute together,” said a woman viewer who came to watch the film with her boyfriend. Her friend was all praise for the film, “Yes, she cried. The movie is really well made. The music was great, and we felt that Shraddha and Arjun were meant for each other.”

However, a middle aged viewer was not so enamoured by the film. “The film was okay. They have showed how you are judged by the language you speak and the music is good but other than that the film is not great. I wouldn’t even suggest people watch it once.”

A group of teenage boys who came to watch the film told us, “We read a few negative reviews for Half Girlfriend, but we loved the film. Shraddha looks hot. We loved the music and Arjun and Shraddha’s on-screen chemistry as well. The film deserves six out of five stars!”

A group of teenage girls who came to watch the film added, “We loved Arjun, and loved the songs, Shraddha is such a good singer herself. We would give the film full five stars. We are totally in love with Shraddha and Arjun and the movie was fantastic.”

Another group of women, however, found the film average. “It was an okay film. We would give it three stars out of five.”

So yes, Half Girlfriend is receiving mixed reviews and is doing much better than films that released last week. Can the Mohit Suri directorial survive the Baahubali 2 onslaught?

Source: indianexpress