streetA move by citizens in Kerala’s Kasargod district to rename a road has caught the attention of intelligence and security agencies.

The citizens chose ‘Gaza’ as the name for the road, which the reason the intelligence agencies are slightly worried.

Gaza is the name of a swathe of territory between Israel and Egypt that is administered by Palestine. The Gaza Strip, as it formally called, is blockaded by Israel and Egypt.

The reason the development in Kerala seems to have caught the attention of the intelligence agencies is that the newly minted Gaza road (that is not its official name yet, though) is in the village of Padane, the same place from where 21 youngsters were believed to have been radicalised and inducted into the Islamic State.

The street, which is adjacent to the Thuruthi Jama Masjid, was inaugurated by district panchayat president AGC Basheer.

Basheer, however, distanced himself from the road’s controversial name, saying that he was invited for the inauguration ceremony at the last minute and that he did not that the road had been renamed to Gaza.

Notably, Gaza is not the road’s official name yet, as the Kasargod municipal council has not yet adopted a resolution directing the renaming.

P Ramesh, the leader of opposition in the Kasargod municipality, has said that if and when a resolution to rename the street to Gaza turns up at the council, it will be opposed tooth and nail.

Meanwhile, security agencies are keeping a close watch on the developments in the area.

Source: indiatoday