Product Description

Double Your Likes is a training program developed James Grandstaff that will show you the tweak you need to increase the number of likes you get for your Facebook pages.

By using this tweak you will be able to double the number of conversions you are receiving from your efforts and you can see the proof by the number of likes being made by visitors to your page.

Greater conversions will translate directly into more sales and more revenue.

Detailed Overview

With Double Your Likes you will be able to build your list of fans which means that you will have a list of people that are interested in the products you are promoting and will be more likely to be customers in the future.


Business hand working business

The way you get visitors to click like on your page is a two part process you will need to both ask them to click like and give them something of value to do so.By making it where they are unable to fully access the item you are offering them then you are giving them more incentive to click like on your page.

And, by using this tweak to make the item you are offering visible but inaccessible you are enticing them but still requiring them to actually do the one thing you want them to do (clicking like) before they can actually get their hands (or eyes) on the item.

Everything is explained in this three part video training program.

The first module will show you how to actually set up your Facebook fan page.
In the second module he will show you exactly how to set up a test account so that you can be sure that your page is set up and running correctly.
And, in the third module you will be shown exactly how to set up a tab and insert the code for the tweak and how to make this page your default landing page for the visitors to your fan page.
You will also receive all the training in a PDF guide so you will have it at your fingertips when you need it (or if you just prefer to read as compared to watching a video). Also included in the training is a 25% discount on professional graphics that will set your new fan page up exactly as you need to use the code but also make your page stand out because it is completely unique.

You can get instant access to all the training and a sixty day money back guarantee for a low one-time payment of only $67.


People who have been using the information in Double Your Likes are seeing that they are definitely getting more likes to their page as well as more sales.

Double2They state that the pages using this tweak intrigue visitors and make them really want to see the item being offered.If you have been looking for a way to tap into the power of Facebook and get high conversions while you are doing it, then you will definitely want to take a risk-free look at Double Your Likes.