We know this is asking a lot, but please look away from the new Twitter for just a second, because there are more exciting news in the pipeline. Ross Hoffman, a team member of Twitter, a business developer, recently discussed an up and coming without dashboard analysis to help Twitter users to understand how others interact with their tweets.

BoostThe base of the solution is Trendly, Twitter Analytics provider acquired in June. Trendly was known for highlighting some necessary changes in web traffic, and it sounds like they produce technology for a new bridge. According to Hoffman, the solution primarily to inform users of what theyve done viral tweets and the users of their networks have been influential.

Why is it important? Well, Twitter, kicked some third-party companies to control the release of their new user interface, and we expect some pain like that, this new vision of Analytics hit the scene in Q4. companies such as Google Analytics and Omniture Klout have to work twice as long as if they assume that their Twitter applications to compete with free, baked-in solution.

In addition, it is interesting to think of Twitter and its efforts to look into an all-in-one solution for something we cannot quite feel yet (do not call it a social network).

Both the vice president of Twitter for business and corporate development Kevin Thau, Executive director, Evan Williams recently talked about how Twitter is a place of exploration news and information,but an analytics dashboard promotes a realm of social media marketing.

Maybe Twitter wants to be a Swiss-Army-knife type of solution, just like Google. Since the solutions to keep coming and third-party applications to go forward, what do you see yourself mainly using the platform?

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